Mar 11, 2015

Apple Watch Edition Watch Only $1,851

The Apple Watch Edition watch is a status symbol. The watches $17,000 price point assures that either only the affluent or die-hard Apple fans willing to incur debt will own this timepiece. When you own a $17,000 smart watch you're probably not going to wear it every day, but you want access for all your watch based selfie needs. This is the kind of purchase that SharePurch was created to facilitate.

There will be legions of customers who cannot hope of owning this watch. With SharePurch, there is a way! We have created a purchase project to allow customers the opportunity to buy and share an Apple Watch Edition watch. Purchase of the watch also guarantees that a SharePurch purchase agent will be on line to pick up your watch from The NYC Apple Store on day 1 of the release.

No sale will ever match this price point. This is the true power of the sharing economy, and we are proud to facilitate what will be a historic sale of the hottest tech item of our generation.