Feb 20, 2015

Free advertising via SharePurch

Full initiative can be found at ads.sharepurch.com

Social media can be a powerful tool, and if you can find success selling your goods and services by leveraging your network your business may not need to spend as much money towards marketing as some of your competitors. The vast majority of businesses are not as fortunate as the elite group described above. Many entrepreneurs are attempting to grow their business alongside their social media following which often leads to failure due to low customer acquisition.

We understand how difficult and crucial gaining early traction for your business can be so we are offering free pay per click advertising for purchase projects created by our affiliates. Alongside your own social media efforts, our PPC ads will drive new traffic to your Purchase Project which could lead to the necessary exposure to create conversions. By providing our affiliates with advertising, we provide them with the best possible chance to generate revenue while providing a value to them that is almost unheard of.

A SharePurch purchase project can run a maximum length of 15 days. Our free advertising offer is limited to our affiliate partners and will not extend to any other categories listed on the site at this time. To become a SharePurch affiliate register at http://SharePurch.com, and send an email to discounts@sharepurch.com requesting to join our affiliate program, please include the name of your purchase project, or basic information about the goods and services you wish to sell via SharePurch so that we can determine whether it is in line with our terms and conditions. We want to bring our users an experience unlike any other on the web so only extraordinary deals or unique goods and services can join our affiliate program.

As a business SharePurch doesn’t make any money unless a transaction takes place on our platform. Our success and growth are both directly linked to the success of our users. We don’t view our users as “the product”, our users are people with dreams and goals just like we have, and that’s the way it should be.