Jan 9, 2015

The Only Resolution You Can't Break this Year

My favorite thing to tell everyone when it comes to the new year is that I need to "hit the refresh button". It super cliche, but it's the official excuse to start anew.

I think our internal mission to change ourselves for the better is commendable, but not always realistic. We're known to be creatures of habit, unless we work hard to drop our old habits that hold us back or prevent us from experiencing new things. This leads to us getting excited by diving into a few new activities to proclaim our new attitudes, just to either fall off or back into our old ways. For some, it's fun to make resolutions just to see how long they can last for throughout the year. Fortunately, I know of one resolution that you can make this year that is unbreakable: Share more.

You do it everyday: articles, funny videos, stories, information, food; the list goes on. Think about the amount of times you share things throughout the day. I guarantee you it's a pretty decent number. At one of my jobs, when I'm in the mood, I like purchasing granola bars for my co-workers to share in the mornings. My boss, at my other job, loves to make homemade pastries and bring them into the office to share with the staff. In return, we share with him how delicious they are and he feels satisfied. Simple acts like these can help you become a better person, plus it feels good.

Nonetheless, if you're still interested in tackling some of those classic resolutions (you're most likely rolling over from last year), SharePurch has you covered. Getting in shape is number one on most people's lists and there are a few workout classes in NYC that you can invest in with others to start. While you're at it, get your diet-conscious friends into healthy eating by buying wholesale or finally donate to that charity you've had on your mind for a long time. It's never too late to jump onto something new.

Make 2015 your year of sharing by visiting our welcome page. I'll be hitting the refresh button myself.