Jan 14, 2015

We’re Coming to (Insert Your College Here)!

College Freshman meme... Classic!

Remember your first day of classes in college? I sure do.

I was nervous and excited at the same time. It was a new terrain for me and I wasn't sure of what the future held, but I was ready to tackle the day head on. At SharePurch HQ, we can relate with this feeling. As students prep for their first day of classes for the new semester in a few weeks, we’re gearing up for our first day of major outreach at all the CUNY schools in New York City. Ever since we revealed our plan to save students money on textbooks, we've been planning how to hit the ground and spread the word about what SharePurch can do for college students around the city. The day (which I’m coining “Day 1”) is soon upon us.  

Starting January 28th, 2015, SharePurch will be doing a college tour, helping students sign up and get comfortable with the platform. Worried about not having a fresh picture for the day? We got you covered, since we’ll have our own “Photobooth” set up where you can take some selfies for social media or some pictures with the team; I mean who doesn't like free photos? You’ll also have a chance to ask us any questions you may have, as well as sign up for our Campus Ambassador Program, where you can earn a $50 Visa Gift Card just for spreading the word about SharePurch with your friends. Save money, take pictures, earn money; first day of classes don't sound too bad now.

I’m personally excited to help students set up their first purchase project by connecting them with other students, based on the textbooks they need to buy (think of Match.com for your curriculum). We’ll be sharing-in-action as we try to save students money on the spot. I’ve said before that I wish I knew of something like SharePurch when I was in college and, on that day, we’ll be fulfilling that dream for students who could afford to save some money and make some new friends in the process. That's the real college experience.

The countdown to “Day 1” is on and if you want in on the action, hop over to welcome.sharepurch.com and send us an email to join our community and start up a project. As for the CUNY students, get ready because January 28th will be a day of firsts for us all.