Jan 29, 2015

Save Money On Textbooks

Despite the extremely cold weather the SharePurch team was out and about helping students learn how they can save money on their textbooks by purchasing, and sharing them with other students. The overwhelmingly positive response, and a few request to find other students interested in sharing specific books proves to us that students are ready to help each other while helping themselves. If you missed us on your CUNY campus here's all the information you need to get up and running with SharePurch.

You may have seen this flier floating around your campus

Just remember:
  1. SharePurch allows you to make joint purchases online. Head over to http://SharePurch.com the password is: StudentsFirst. Sign up and create a purchase project for the textbook you need. 
  2. Every Purchase project textbook is entered into a raffle to have the cost of that book reimbursed to you. You may end up getting your books for free just by purchasing them. 
  3. Our ambassador program is further rewarding students by giving them a $50 visa giftcard for spreading the word about SharePurch more details here, and the offical rules are here.
If you want us to find someone to purchase a book with you we will be happy to help. Send us an email to staff@sharepurch.com and we will create the purchase project for you and find another student willing to share in the purchase of the book. Sign up today, and if you see us on your CUNY campus chanting our mantra to save money on your textbooks feel free to come up and talk to us, or even better yet lets take a selfie!