Jan 7, 2015

Autoshare: 5 Things You Should Share Without Hesitation.

The items we include on our lists are all candidates for the title greatest of all time.

There is something about making a list that just feels so rewarding, and lists about things you could potentially buy pack an extra bit of punch. After scouring the interwebs we have found 5 spectacular products that just make sense to share with someone else.

5. 3 Doddler 2.0

A 3D printing pen, that allows you to draw anything. Literally I saw someone draw a dress onto a model. Now the first thing I thought was wow that's cool after the novelty wears off I'll probably use it once in a while which makes it the perfect type of item for a SharePurch. It's definitely something I want to have access to but

4. Somabar

Mix technology and alcohol and you end up with a good time. Somabar lets you craft any cocktail from your smartphone. We are happy to include this on our list considering we ran into the creators of Somabar here in NYC and they were pretty cool. This is the perfect roomate share, if you buy it together neither one of you has to accuse the other of being an alcoholic.

3. Pyro


2.One Wheel

While we all wait for the Hendo Hoverboard why not try the minimum number of wheels man can put unto an object for successful locomotion.

1. Quadrofoil

So what you don't own a car. So what storing this thing in your apartment is going to be the worst hassle you ever had. So what it cost $28,000 dollars. Look at how happy that couple is driving their water BMW. I see team up with 28 friends chip in 1,000 dollars each and enjoy la dolce vita. Imagine the selfies.