Dec 10, 2014

SharePurch Shares: How to Send Emails From Gmail Using Your Domain Name (For Free).

SharePurch shares is going to be a series of informational blog posts on all the little tips, and tricks we learn as we grow as a company.

Whenever I purchase a new domain name, I usually receive credits to create 100 free email forwarding accounts. In the past I would simply tell my domain registrar to forward emails from to one of my Gmail accounts. Then I would setup Gmail to send email from the email address I registered with the registrar. This was exceedingly helpful because I would gain an instant professional visage for my business correspondence without having to spend any extra money. I thought that these good times would last forever but Google pulled the plug.

After setting up the domain for I realized that I could forward emails to Gmail without any problems, but I could no longer send emails from Gmail as my domain. This presented me with two options, the first is I could pay my domain to host my email and just check my email through them, or keep myself within the magical Google ecosystem by finding a free solution.

Here's that free solution: 

1) Setup email forwarding: you are going to tell your registrar to forward your emails to your Gmail account from your desired domain email address.

2) Sign up for mail from is going to act as the smtp server for sending mail. They do have paid options so now would be a good time to sign up and grab the lite version which will allow you to create 10 user accounts. It will then ask you to enter a domain you own.

 3) Verify your domain ownership with Zoho: the easiest method is going to be a quick CNAME verification with your domain registrar. Zoho walks you through the process. The only thing I don't suggest doing is updating the MX record. If you update that MX info mail will actually enter the Zoho account as well as be forwarded to Gmail. I almost never log into Zoho, and if no mail is delivered to the mailbox I'll never run out of space.

Step 4) Configure Google: Now that Zoho is your official SMTP server you can finally setup Gmail to send mail as your domain. Enter settings from your Gmail account, and click the accounts and import tab. In the send mail as section, click add another email address you own. Enter the name you would like to appear in the from field, and your domains email, then hit next.

Step 5) Setup your smtp settings in Gmail: the smtp server is the username is your zoho username, and your password is your zoho password. The port is 465 and your going to use secure connection over SSL. Hit add account and your going to receive an email in Gmail to verify that you have ownership of your unique domain name. Click the verification link, and you're done.

You will now be able to send mail as your unique domain name. Keep in mind that users will see that the message has been bounced. Your emails will appear like this to users.