Dec 26, 2014

SharePurch 101: What can I do with SharePurch?

When I really sit down and think of all the possible ways SharePurch can be used, it’s pretty mind blowing. It sounds dramatic, but it’s not like we’re re-inventing the wheel here. I can list the ways you can use this platform, or I can paint you a picture:

I’m a huge fan of superheroes. I may not be a comic book nerd, like my brother used to be (he literally has boxes of comics that he collected when he was younger and they’re still in good condition), but I do enjoy the animated, cinematic and television series that air on TV, in the theaters and online. To really embrace my inner nerd, I’d want to host a weekly meetup for superhero fans, like myself, to watch and talk about superhero-related shows and movies. I’d have to find a viewing space to rent where members of this meetup can enjoy watching our favorite heroes together (Item Sharing).

As a result of these meetups, I sure I would meet a few individuals, whom I’ve become familiar with, and we’d form an unofficial team, named the “Superfans.” One discussion we would have is about our favorite superhero movies. I've always wanted to build the ultimate superhero movie collection on DVD and Blu Ray, so I would set up a project to buy a bulk order of specific superhero movie titles to share with the group so they can build their own collections (Factory Direct/Wholesale Purchases).

New York Comic Con always seems to be around the corner, even if it’s months away. Planning a group trip to the greatest comic convention in the city would be a must for super fans like ourselves (Group Activities).

In true heroic fashion, we should take the group to the next level and be real heroes by donating clothes items and perishable goods to the homeless youths; spreading hope that there are those who are committed to ultimately helping others by sharing with the less fortunate (Charitable Buying).

My example was convenient, but through SharePurch, you can use it to fit the needs, wants and desires of yourself and others through sharing. We want you to go crazy with this platform; show us how creative you can be with each project you create. 

If you’re eager to get started, head over to and start a project. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.