Dec 8, 2014

Here's How We Are Reducing Textbook Costs For College Students

What seems like endless hours of website editing, video making, photo taking, pizza eating, and crying have finally come to an end. SharePurch is ready for the world and considering that not too long ago most of our team happened to be college students themselves, we made the decision to launch exclusively for college students at this time.

College for most of us will be the best four years of our lives. This time often leads to an intellectual awakening, and a lucky few will solidify their sense of individuality. For the vast majority this wonderful enlightenment period is also paired with your own specially tailored economic depression. You will eat foods with little to no nutritional value, you will scrounge change up from far and wide just to be able to afford a cookie from the campus commons. The financial burden of school begins the minute you set foot on campus and for most it doesn't end until decades after you've graduated. We want to help you ease this burden by reducing one of your biggest expenses, your textbooks.

The joint purchase of a textbook is one of the best possible uses for SharePurch. Textbooks are expensive, and for generations that cost has been explained away by professors as just another necessary evil. The amount of time you're actually going to spend using your textbooks in comparison to what you pay for them will never equate. So we say instead of buying to own, only purchase a share.

Create a purchase project for the textbook you want to buy, and divide the cost with someone who also needs the book. We recommend you split the cost down the middle with at least one other student, or if you're certain your textbook needs will not be intensive share the book with as many students as you like. The more students that own a share the less you will have to pay for the book. Textbooks are usually only required for a semester or two, and at the end the best the student can hope for is to be able to sell it back to the bookstore for a fraction of what they paid. This drain on resources can be avoided.

This is only one possible use for our platform, but we feel it's the most important. It's an unfortunate truth that finances are still a barrier to education for many people. We want to do our part. Any successful purchase project towards textbooks will be entered into a raffle. The winning projects' contributors will have their full contribution towards the purchase project reimbursed.

Yes, if you're selected you will get the full amount of money you contributed to your textbooks reimbursed. Head over to and fill out the contact form to gain access to the main site.