Dec 18, 2014

5 Ways Our Startup Will Change The World.

We are a small startup, we embrace this fact and we wear it proudly. As a small startup everything has significance from a new like on Facebook, to a reply email from a potential partner. We can engage with our users intimately because there is no huge facade in the way, no impressive valuations, no potential buyouts. It's just us, our product, and you. While we do wish to grow, despite how big our organization may become we want to hang on to what it means to be small.

We also have the luxury as a small startup to dream big. To wonder where SharePurch will be 5 yrs down the road if we continue to work diligently, and refine our product to bring even more value to our customers. Today we share with you a few of our dreams. We know that our platform will have a major impact on the world, but as a company we can never be sure just what the users will do with the platform, so we continue to dream.

Here is how we hope to see people using SharePurch in the near future:

5. To purchase the Hendo Hoverboard. (Item Sharing)

The Hendo Hoverboard has bought us a step closer to making our Back to the Future fantasies a reality. This fresh new tech is not quite ready for the public, and like all new tech the early releases are likely to be extremely cost prohibitive. The cost for one board on Kickstarter was a whopping $10,000. While I want a hoverboard just as much as the next guy, $10k is a little much. The Hendo Hoverboard is cool, but I doubt that anyone will be hovering to work anytime soon. Although I don't see too many people willing to shell out the $10k cost of entry, I can see 10 people chipping in $1,000 to a purchase project and sharing a hoverboard. In fact the moment Hendo puts the board on sale I'll be creating a purchase project to share my hoverboard. If you want in let me know email me now

4. Make it easier to purchase a business (Item Sharing)

My high school graduating class has not produced the next Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs. What I have noticed is that there is a lot of student debt, and the job market has been extremely tight for the class of "05 (Go Dutchmen). From all that adversity has been an overflow of innovation as more and more of my friends have become entrepreneurs. I can see SharePurch facilitating the purchase of a business between a tight knit group. I'm hoping to hear success stories of people finding each other and then purchasing traditional businesses like hotels, restaurants, and franchises all through SharePurch.

3. Allow everyone to take advantage of Alibaba. (Factory Direct)

Alibaba has grown significantly in relevance here in the States. As a business they offer opportunities, for people and businesses alike, to purchase quality products at some very low prices. The platform does have it's flaws, and you do have to be vigilant of potential scams. With that said you can really land a great deal on Alibaba. I saw a few different stainless steel appliances I would love to have (Stainless steel slushie maker ftw) and the price was amazing at just $8 per unit. Unfortunately I would have to place a minimum order of 1000 units. What am I going to do with 1,000 stainless steel blenders? At most I would hang on to 3 and one of those 3 would be a Christmas gift for my mom. SharePurch will eliminate the problem of having to order minimum quantities. I could contribute my 24 dollars to a purchase project for the 3 units I want and allow strangers to pay for the amount of units they want. Once we reach the minimum order quantity we buy the blenders and divide them based on how much you paid. Everyone gets a great deal without having to worry about the minimum order. Alibaba has millions of items so this opens up an opportunity for us to own brand new high end retail items at prices no business could ever hope to offer.

2. Eliminating the baby shower registry. (Charitable Buying)

I've seen this recurring problem time, and time again. A mother sets up a registry and either people forget to go get the gift, or heading to the selected store is just too much of an inconvenience for them. The best case scenario is they give her a few dollars at the shower. The worst case scenario is everyone shows up with diapers and then you just continue hearing you can never have too many diapers for the rest of the night. We see SharePurch replacing the old registry system completely, and at the end of the purchase project the mother can take the collected money and purchase the items herself, or she can opt to have a SharePurch purchasing agent buy the items and ship them to her. This added layer of convenience won't be easy to ignore. 

1. Making charities more transparent and accountable (Charitable Buying)

Unfortunately in the past 15 years we have seen our fair share of disasters. With each tragedy their is a period of rebuilding and many different charities start accepting donations in relief efforts. The problem is the messages we receive tell us to give, but not exactly what we are giving too. You can text a number to donate $10 via text message but what exactly is that $10 for? Each purchase project has to outline a breakdown of cost. We hope that Charities will model their fundraising efforts to include the accountability of a basic purchase project. People want to know how their money will be spent whether it's going directly to victim relief, to building efforts, to buying water, or to paying staff, people deserve to see a breakdown. We hope that the Charitable buying projects started on SharePurch set a precedent to providing this information and in the future the majority of charities will follow suit.