Mar 11, 2015

Apple Watch Edition Watch Only $1,851

The Apple Watch Edition watch is a status symbol. The watches $17,000 price point assures that either only the affluent or die-hard Apple fans willing to incur debt will own this timepiece. When you own a $17,000 smart watch you're probably not going to wear it every day, but you want access for all your watch based selfie needs. This is the kind of purchase that SharePurch was created to facilitate.

There will be legions of customers who cannot hope of owning this watch. With SharePurch, there is a way! We have created a purchase project to allow customers the opportunity to buy and share an Apple Watch Edition watch. Purchase of the watch also guarantees that a SharePurch purchase agent will be on line to pick up your watch from The NYC Apple Store on day 1 of the release.

No sale will ever match this price point. This is the true power of the sharing economy, and we are proud to facilitate what will be a historic sale of the hottest tech item of our generation.

Feb 20, 2015

Free advertising via SharePurch

Full initiative can be found at

Social media can be a powerful tool, and if you can find success selling your goods and services by leveraging your network your business may not need to spend as much money towards marketing as some of your competitors. The vast majority of businesses are not as fortunate as the elite group described above. Many entrepreneurs are attempting to grow their business alongside their social media following which often leads to failure due to low customer acquisition.

We understand how difficult and crucial gaining early traction for your business can be so we are offering free pay per click advertising for purchase projects created by our affiliates. Alongside your own social media efforts, our PPC ads will drive new traffic to your Purchase Project which could lead to the necessary exposure to create conversions. By providing our affiliates with advertising, we provide them with the best possible chance to generate revenue while providing a value to them that is almost unheard of.

A SharePurch purchase project can run a maximum length of 15 days. Our free advertising offer is limited to our affiliate partners and will not extend to any other categories listed on the site at this time. To become a SharePurch affiliate register at, and send an email to requesting to join our affiliate program, please include the name of your purchase project, or basic information about the goods and services you wish to sell via SharePurch so that we can determine whether it is in line with our terms and conditions. We want to bring our users an experience unlike any other on the web so only extraordinary deals or unique goods and services can join our affiliate program.

As a business SharePurch doesn’t make any money unless a transaction takes place on our platform. Our success and growth are both directly linked to the success of our users. We don’t view our users as “the product”, our users are people with dreams and goals just like we have, and that’s the way it should be.

Jan 29, 2015

Save Money On Textbooks

Despite the extremely cold weather the SharePurch team was out and about helping students learn how they can save money on their textbooks by purchasing, and sharing them with other students. The overwhelmingly positive response, and a few request to find other students interested in sharing specific books proves to us that students are ready to help each other while helping themselves. If you missed us on your CUNY campus here's all the information you need to get up and running with SharePurch.

You may have seen this flier floating around your campus

Just remember:
  1. SharePurch allows you to make joint purchases online. Head over to the password is: StudentsFirst. Sign up and create a purchase project for the textbook you need. 
  2. Every Purchase project textbook is entered into a raffle to have the cost of that book reimbursed to you. You may end up getting your books for free just by purchasing them. 
  3. Our ambassador program is further rewarding students by giving them a $50 visa giftcard for spreading the word about SharePurch more details here, and the offical rules are here.
If you want us to find someone to purchase a book with you we will be happy to help. Send us an email to and we will create the purchase project for you and find another student willing to share in the purchase of the book. Sign up today, and if you see us on your CUNY campus chanting our mantra to save money on your textbooks feel free to come up and talk to us, or even better yet lets take a selfie!

Jan 14, 2015

We’re Coming to (Insert Your College Here)!

College Freshman meme... Classic!

Remember your first day of classes in college? I sure do.

I was nervous and excited at the same time. It was a new terrain for me and I wasn't sure of what the future held, but I was ready to tackle the day head on. At SharePurch HQ, we can relate with this feeling. As students prep for their first day of classes for the new semester in a few weeks, we’re gearing up for our first day of major outreach at all the CUNY schools in New York City. Ever since we revealed our plan to save students money on textbooks, we've been planning how to hit the ground and spread the word about what SharePurch can do for college students around the city. The day (which I’m coining “Day 1”) is soon upon us.  

Starting January 28th, 2015, SharePurch will be doing a college tour, helping students sign up and get comfortable with the platform. Worried about not having a fresh picture for the day? We got you covered, since we’ll have our own “Photobooth” set up where you can take some selfies for social media or some pictures with the team; I mean who doesn't like free photos? You’ll also have a chance to ask us any questions you may have, as well as sign up for our Campus Ambassador Program, where you can earn a $50 Visa Gift Card just for spreading the word about SharePurch with your friends. Save money, take pictures, earn money; first day of classes don't sound too bad now.

I’m personally excited to help students set up their first purchase project by connecting them with other students, based on the textbooks they need to buy (think of for your curriculum). We’ll be sharing-in-action as we try to save students money on the spot. I’ve said before that I wish I knew of something like SharePurch when I was in college and, on that day, we’ll be fulfilling that dream for students who could afford to save some money and make some new friends in the process. That's the real college experience.

The countdown to “Day 1” is on and if you want in on the action, hop over to and send us an email to join our community and start up a project. As for the CUNY students, get ready because January 28th will be a day of firsts for us all.

Jan 9, 2015

The Only Resolution You Can't Break this Year

My favorite thing to tell everyone when it comes to the new year is that I need to "hit the refresh button". It super cliche, but it's the official excuse to start anew.

I think our internal mission to change ourselves for the better is commendable, but not always realistic. We're known to be creatures of habit, unless we work hard to drop our old habits that hold us back or prevent us from experiencing new things. This leads to us getting excited by diving into a few new activities to proclaim our new attitudes, just to either fall off or back into our old ways. For some, it's fun to make resolutions just to see how long they can last for throughout the year. Fortunately, I know of one resolution that you can make this year that is unbreakable: Share more.

You do it everyday: articles, funny videos, stories, information, food; the list goes on. Think about the amount of times you share things throughout the day. I guarantee you it's a pretty decent number. At one of my jobs, when I'm in the mood, I like purchasing granola bars for my co-workers to share in the mornings. My boss, at my other job, loves to make homemade pastries and bring them into the office to share with the staff. In return, we share with him how delicious they are and he feels satisfied. Simple acts like these can help you become a better person, plus it feels good.

Nonetheless, if you're still interested in tackling some of those classic resolutions (you're most likely rolling over from last year), SharePurch has you covered. Getting in shape is number one on most people's lists and there are a few workout classes in NYC that you can invest in with others to start. While you're at it, get your diet-conscious friends into healthy eating by buying wholesale or finally donate to that charity you've had on your mind for a long time. It's never too late to jump onto something new.

Make 2015 your year of sharing by visiting our welcome page. I'll be hitting the refresh button myself.

Jan 7, 2015

Autoshare: 5 Things You Should Share Without Hesitation.

The items we include on our lists are all candidates for the title greatest of all time.

There is something about making a list that just feels so rewarding, and lists about things you could potentially buy pack an extra bit of punch. After scouring the interwebs we have found 5 spectacular products that just make sense to share with someone else.

5. 3 Doddler 2.0

A 3D printing pen, that allows you to draw anything. Literally I saw someone draw a dress onto a model. Now the first thing I thought was wow that's cool after the novelty wears off I'll probably use it once in a while which makes it the perfect type of item for a SharePurch. It's definitely something I want to have access to but

4. Somabar

Mix technology and alcohol and you end up with a good time. Somabar lets you craft any cocktail from your smartphone. We are happy to include this on our list considering we ran into the creators of Somabar here in NYC and they were pretty cool. This is the perfect roomate share, if you buy it together neither one of you has to accuse the other of being an alcoholic.

3. Pyro


2.One Wheel

While we all wait for the Hendo Hoverboard why not try the minimum number of wheels man can put unto an object for successful locomotion.

1. Quadrofoil

So what you don't own a car. So what storing this thing in your apartment is going to be the worst hassle you ever had. So what it cost $28,000 dollars. Look at how happy that couple is driving their water BMW. I see team up with 28 friends chip in 1,000 dollars each and enjoy la dolce vita. Imagine the selfies.

Jan 5, 2015

SharePurch Shares: I have #MusicalTourettes

You may not know this but I was a very active YouTuber between 2010 and 2013.

The problem driving the creation of "I have #MusicalTourettes" is how do we present uninteresting but important information about our company to potential users in a way that may grab their attention. What we really needed was an icebreaker.

As a company how you communicate with your customers is the most important aspect of your business. I rank our priorities as such:

Business Priorities:

  • Customer Communication
  • Great Product
  • Awesome Team
Some companies take a pick two approach when it comes to dealing with these priorities hoping that 2 out of 3 is "good enough". As a small company we have the luxury of audacity, we can strive to excel at all three. We can take chances, make mistakes, and get messy, because we see everything as a learning experience. 

Which brings me back to "I have #MusicalTourettes". We need to pass on vital information about our operation, but we don't want to talk at our potential users. We want to strike up a two way conversation. So we eliminated the need to have the facade of a super serious business, and realized we don't need to always have the cleanest presentation. All that we should be striving for is effective communication, and a few laughs won't hurt either. 

The lesson in this SharePurch shares is don't be afraid to take risks with your marketing efforts. We are all selling ourselves but nobody likes a salesman. Instead choose to strike up a conversation, break the ice with a laugh, speak, and be an active listener.